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Welcome to the Where Baking & Crafting Meet’s Prompts, Inspiration, Challenges, & Swaps page.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the prompts, challenges, and giveaways below. Use these for inspiration and join us on Facebook at Where Baking & Crafting Meet.

If you’d like to participate in the upcoming swaps and giveaway challenges, please read the page in its entirety.

Monthly Prompts

The monthly prompts will be based on an Object, Situation, and Enviroment. Combine one or all of the prompts that month to create one or more pieces of art.

  • January
    • Beauty potion
    • The sword dance
    • Rutted dirt road leading to a creepy, solitary barn
  • February
    • A chewed apple core
    • She tied her hair into a messy bun
    • Red eyes reflected in the darkness beyond the safety of the fire
  • March
    • Fuzzy slippers
    • A world where the dragons are the best bakers and chefs
    • A small village at night, illuminated from within
  • April
    • Cruise ship
    • Magical girl transformation
    • A lightening sky
  • May
    • Flower wreath
    • The birds flocked to her
    • A pet store that specializes in mythical creatures
  • June
    • Rabbit’s foot
    • The woods are watching
    • Lush misty forest
  • July
    • A beautiful feather
    • Then the fog came
    • A secret passage into a castle
  • August
    • A glass bottle and cork
    • Ugh, I’m too short to reach
    • Alchemist’s lab
  • September
    • Student’s bookbag
    • Dark patches of something
    • A sunset in a forest
  • October
    • A fancy muffin
    • Looking over the edge of the world
    • Your desk
  • November
    • A robot
    • His ghostly shape can still be seen on moonless nights
    • The grassy field was speckled with tiny, vibrant flowers
  • December
    • A mysterious box in the dirt
    • I always thought it was an urban myth
    • The tomb of a great dragon

WBCM Swap Information

An event will be created in the Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook group for you to sign up. This section will contain ongoing swaps as well. Terms and conditions apply to all swaps and can be found at the end of the swaps section. If you have questions about swaps, feel free to contact me.

Bi-Monthly ATC Swaps

  • Jan-Feb (January 1st to February 28th)
    • The Beginning of Good Things
  • Mar-Apr (March 1st to April 30th)
    • Spring’s Bloom
  • May-Jun (May 1st to June 30th)
    • Summer Dream
  • Jul-Aug (July 1st to August 31st)
    • Mid-Summer Blues
  • Sep-Oct (September 1st to October 31st)
    • Falling for Autumn
  • Nov-Dec (November 1st to December 31st)
    • Winter Speaks

    U.S. & International Swap (Seasonal)

    Spring 2023

    Craft Type: Create a tag with a closure. You can create whichever type of closure you want.
    Theme: Spring’s Bloom (Inspiration: Flowers, rain, Easter, rabbits, pastel colors)
    Start: March 1st
    Join: March 1st to March 14th
    Cancelation: March 15th to March 22nd
    Pairing: March 23rd to March 30th
    Swap Ship Deadline: April 30th

    Summer 2023

    Craft Type: Create a 3-envelope flipbook
    Theme: Summer’s Dream (Inspiration: Beach, lemonade stand, frozen treats, summer fruit, ice cream and cake, red, blue, orange, green, purple, hot)
    Start: June 1st
    Join: June 1st to June14th
    Cancelation: June 15th to June 22nd
    Pairing: June 23rd to June 30th
    Swap Ship Deadline: July 31st

    Fall 2023

    Craft Type: Create a snail mail pocket/folder
    Theme: Falling for Autumn (Inspiration: Envelope style, policy envelope style, pocket folder style, gather, orange, green, burgundy, brown, gold, golden yellow)
    Start: September 1st
    Join: September 1st to September 14th
    Cancelation: September 15th to September 22nd
    Pairing: September 23rd to September 30th
    Swap Ship Deadline: October 31st

    Winter 2023

    Craft Type: Create a 1 signature journal
    Theme: Winter Speaks (Inspiration: blue, silver, red, green, gold, snowflake, holidays, warm, tea, cold)
    Start: December 1st
    Join: December 1st to December 14th
    Cancelation: December 15th to December 22nd
    Pairing: December 23rd to December 30th
    Swap Ship Deadline: January 31st

    For All Swaps

    Swap Terms & Conditions:

    Prerequisites: Participants must do or be the following:

    • Must be a member of the Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook group
    • Subscribed to the Neatsuites blog
    • Subscribe to the Where Baking & Crafting Meet YouTube channel

    By subscribing to these platforms, you won’t miss out on giveaways, winner announcements, upcoming events, new products, sales, etc. All information and rules will be posted in the event in the Facebook group.


    Cancelation week is 1 week (the third week) before the swap starts so loose crafter(s) can repartnered.
    If cancelations become a pattern, admin has the right to ban members from participating in swaps.

    Information Sharing:

    Only share addresses and other information with your partner in private messaging. We do not have an address list and one will not be created. Please blur the addresses of your partner or partners in the picture.

    Proof of Shipping:

    When preparing your goodies for shipping, please post a picture of the sealed envelopes in the event post only. Posts outside of the event will be deleted and you’ll be asked to repost in the event post. Please blur the addresses of your partner or partners in the picture.

    Event Planning Process: the event will be planned one month in advance.

    • Week 1 & 2 is the joining period.
    • Week 3 is the cancelation week.
    • Week 4 is the partnering week.
    • The swap start dates and deadlines for sending out goodies will be posted.


    Loose Crafters: a crafter whose partner canceled after the pairing.

    Extenuating Circumstances: we understand life happens and we want you to take care of yourself and/or whatever situation you come across. No need to share details, just let us know. You can always participate in the next one.

    Proof of Shipping: let us know you shipped your goodies out so we can keep track of who’s missing.

    Information Sharing: we respect the privacy of others and don’t want personal information floating around in the public area of the page. We ask that you only share addresses and other information you feel comfortable sharing with your partners only.

    Something For Everyone

    Giveaway Challenges

    U.S. & International

    500 subscriber giveaway! Once the channel hits 500 subs, we’ll give away a big 12-by-12 box of goodies. Almost there!!!!

    Note: for the quickest updates, join my Facebook group.

    Clubs to Join

    Check out the blog for more details on the clubs, memberships, and classes you can sign up for.

    • Bakers & Crafters: Cookie Club
    • The Monthly Mystery Box Subscription
    • Making Clusters w/Scraps Challenge

    How to Post

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    This page will be updated when events and prompts expire and new content

    If you have any questions about the challenges, swaps, giveaways, or even a suggestion, contact us!

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