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Makers Creative Collab: Stuffed Stuff

Hey Sweeties,

Today is the day for the Makers Creative Collab hosted by P. M. Artist Studio. This is the third collab I participated in. The first two being a simple project using specific items and the Spooky Scrolls.

This project was almost an inedible project that I would do at my desk, but some time last week, I decided to whip out the baking skills and go cookie.

I felt it would be best to make a cornucopia. I never done it, didn’t know how I was going to do it, or if it was going to work. I just did it. I started off with making two boxes, but decided against it.

100% edible. All cookies, icing, and food coloring. My kids are going to enjoy this one.

Here’s the playlist for the collab: Makers of Mixed Media Art/Artist #makerscreativecollab