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Website Makeover

Have you checked out the website yet? If you haven’t, get there and let me know what you think. Note: all photos are from a mobile phone view.

The homepage has a new look and feel. The site is way easier to navigate.

With the mega menu gone, we’ve eliminated about 20 pages.

Smaller menus??? We did away with the mega menu because we felt it was too much. Instead of you having to scroll half way down your screen (with the possibility of the menu going away), you can now get there faster.

On each shop page, the categories are lined up across the top (on the desktop view) to take you to that particular section. You can also take a peek at a few of the items there before moving on. You never know. What you need may already be there.

The top section of the shop pages are all set up this way.

Don’t forget to keep up with the slider and information area on the News, Events, & Deals page.

If you haven’t noticed in the menu clip, the “About Us/Contact Us” has been changed to “Support”. This is also where you can find all the policies.

With the downsizing of the menu, remember, The Shop, Neatsuites Blog, and Support are clickable.