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Its been a minute, but I’m here…

Hey Sweeties,

I know is been a teeny stretch, but I’m still here. I have an update or two for y’all.


The PICS page has been updated for February. If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to head over and get your inspiration for the month. It’s all about love and togetherness…. Every day should be about that! Build on it and get creative.


In the beginning, the only tiers that had access to full tutorials were the Silver and Gold Tiers. As of last night, the Bronze Tier will also have access to those tutorials.

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After the Holiday and into the New Year

Hey Sweeties,

I know I skipped the last two days on posting, but I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday or whatever you celebrate with family, friends, volunteering, etc. This holiday was a bit of a bumpy one, but I still enjoyed my family.

What’s Happening?

12 Days of Christmas…Girl you’re late!! I didn’t do the 12 days of Christmas cookies, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’m thinking about going live for those cookies, but we’ll see. I don’t want to plan for this, and life takes over again.

Happy Mail Giveaway and Mini-Games… This will be taking place within the Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook group.

December Daily… You’ll see those posts for the 25th, 26th, and 27th before the day is out. I had to enjoy that family time this weekend.

I have some thing fun coming up in January. I don’t want to announce it just yet or jinx it. Work may be a little crazy due to peak season. We’ll see.

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December Update

Hey Sweeties,

As you know, life happens, but that doesn’t change anything. I went back to work, and it limited my creative time. So there will be a shift in the timing of projects. Well, just one project, should I say—the Cookie Club. There is no issue with the shipping or getting kits put together. It’s the timing of the videos. I’ll still get those video(s) out, but not as early as expected.

The show must go on

My part for the Makers Creative Collab will still go out as planned, the January swap is still a go, and there is also a giveaway. Be sure to check the PICS page for details on swaps and giveaways.

My Activities

I’ve been keeping up with the December Daily, if you haven’t noticed. It’s fun and relaxing. I’m not a journaler, but I wasn’t a crafter either. 🤣 Trying to be a little Christmasy.

Coming Up

I have a new kind of daily prompt for January, similar to how I did an entire month of Notes-member, but it will be more than motivational quotes. For the last week of December, I’ll be putting the information for that out there. Be sure to keep up with the PICS page.