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A New Hobby……Addiction

A little bit of nonsense before I get to the point:

I know a lot of my blog post have absolutely nothing to do with sweets or any kind of food. That is because I didn’t start out with a food blog…. I also don’t plan making it one and here’s why:

-When we read the news during breakfast, it isn’t about breakfast.

-When we read while using public transportation, it isn’t about transportation.

You get my drift. With anywhere we are, we aren’t reading about what we’re participating in. So why should this blog only talk about food?

Now lets get to the point!

I have many hobbies, some I participate in on the regular, some I have to wait for the perfect time to do, and new ones that I’ve grown a serious addiction to.

My newest hobby (addiction) is stamp carving (Check out my first stamp carving video). I should call it stamp making. Not only do I carve stamps, but I burn them, and use hot glue.

When I first thought about making a stamp, I completely avoided carving them. I watched one video and didn’t give it a chance. Then I had this thought. This thought of having stamps made in different ways. So I went out and bought erasers. I carved, failed, and gave up. I watched more videos because the feeling of giving up lasted less than 24 hours. Something pushed me to order different types of carving materials, tools, and a different type of eraser. Those plastic erasers are the worst when it comes to carving. The hi-polymer ones are the best. The blade sails through them like a block of room temperature cheese….not like butter as everyone says.

I’m still experimenting with different materials and will come back with an update and pictures.