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How to Create a Shared Wish List

Have you ever used a shared list or purchased something for someone from a registry? Here, you can do the same! If you want to get something started for yourself or have some friends that would like to get a shared list going, bring them on over.

This works perfectly for Happy Mail. I was a member of a group that shared their lists in an activity that was sort of like a make a wish game. The members participating could shop for their partner from their shared list. This takes out all the guesswork and there is little to no error… Well, the only error being the recipient gets the same thing from more than one crafty friend.

Before Creating a List

Before you share your list, be sure to do the following:

  • Create an account. You can create a wish list without an account, BUT when you clear your browser history, it’s gone.
  • Keep your address updated. We wouldn’t want your goodies going to someone else.
  • Keep your list organized. If you have enough of something, move that item to a private list or remove it. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

Types of Lists

We have three types of list:

  • Public List- anyone can see this list if searched. Link access as well.
  • Shared List- only those with a link can have access to the list. Won’t appear in a public search.
  • Private List- for your eyes only.

Check out the video below to get started on your lists.

Have a great day everyone! Happy Crafting!