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Me on Camera?!?

photo studio with white wooden framed wall mirror

Hey Sweeties,

If you follow me on YouTube or anywhere else, you know my face is never on camera. Yeah, I popped in on one video for about 0.5 seconds, but never a full-on face cam situation. I am very much camera shy, and I wouldn’t say I like taking pictures. Also, I wouldn’t say I like talking either.

Over the last year, I received a few requests and suggestions about showing my face. I had it in my mind that I didn’t need to show my face because I’m a crafter, and the point of my videos is to show what I was making and not how I look. Do you agree? Some creators show their faces before their videos start and even throughout them, but that’s not me.


If I decide to show my face on camera, it will only be for my Bronze, Silver, and Gold Patrons. It won’t be just a general conversation type live/video; we will connect like friends, getting to know each other.

All Bronze and above patrons can access private videos and live sessions. I will have giveaways and contests for participants.

Have a great day!