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All Work, Stress, & No Play

Hey Sweeties,

I know it’s been a while and as usual, when I hit a stretch like this, there is always something going on.

  • I haven’t put out a video since the Spring’s Bloom digital release.
  • I had to skip the events that have taken place for the last few months.
  • I went back to work.
  • I also got hurt/hurt back to back from December up until March.

I have yet to get out everything I’ve been planning. The biggest project I had going on has been delayed. I’ll talk more about that on Patreon. With that being said, I guess I’ll be shifting the focus and redistributing my time and energy….and of course I went back to work and that takes up most of my day.

At first, the big delay hurt my heart because I already waited for so long to get started… but delays happen for a reason. Never consider your delays as a negative setback or a permanent roadblock. It’s God’s way of saying that you need to make a turn or stop to work on some things before moving forward.

I think I’ve been so focused that I’m unfocused and someone in the group pointed that out today about themselves….well, she said something in that realm, and that’s how I applied it to myself. What she said cleared my clouded mind.

Now let’s talk about me getting hurt and/or sick. I don’t remember what order it went in but it was one thing after another.

  • I hurt my shoulder. I think it’s my rotators cuff. To this day, it’s still bothering me. That’s my dominant arm, I ice cakes, lift stuff, etc. And it’s still just ugh.
  • I got bit by a spider. That wasn’t too bad, it did itch alot and dried out my skin pretty bad on my foot. Still kind of nurturing that skin back to where it was. (Never thought I’d use that word again after the “Nuture”)
  • I hit my head while washing my hair. You know how you lean over the tub and put your head under the faucet? Well, that’s normal, but I cleared the faucet and hit the side of my head on the cabinet. I was a little out of it and that had me down for 2 or so weeks. Like a real brain rest.
  • Next, I started working…which is a good thing, but thats when my knee started bothering me, one of my toes blistered up, swelled up and peeled like crazy. By the way, my knee and toe are doing way better.
  • And last, but not least, I got this weird ass cold. It was sore throat and ears, lost my voice, congestion, and then this dry cough. If I smelled the wrong, it triggered a coughing fit. If I didn’t control my breathing…on comes a coughing fit.

None of this can explain the amount of sleep I lost for about 4 months. I pretty much ran on fumes everyday. But it does explain my absence.

This has been a wild ride, but I did lose weight. I wanted to lose 30 pounds, but instead stopped at about 20-25 pounds. This was the most effortless weight loss journey I ever been on. What was easy about it was I didn’t overthink what I was eating. I completely cut out sugar for 2 months though. My sugar came from fruit. I cereal every now and then. I may have even slipped up and bought a bag of gummy bears and twizzlers, but I didn’t overdo it.