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December Update

Hey Sweeties,

As you know, life happens, but that doesn’t change anything. I went back to work, and it limited my creative time. So there will be a shift in the timing of projects. Well, just one project, should I say—the Cookie Club. There is no issue with the shipping or getting kits put together. It’s the timing of the videos. I’ll still get those video(s) out, but not as early as expected.

The show must go on

My part for the Makers Creative Collab will still go out as planned, the January swap is still a go, and there is also a giveaway. Be sure to check the PICS page for details on swaps and giveaways.

My Activities

I’ve been keeping up with the December Daily, if you haven’t noticed. It’s fun and relaxing. I’m not a journaler, but I wasn’t a crafter either. 🤣 Trying to be a little Christmasy.

Coming Up

I have a new kind of daily prompt for January, similar to how I did an entire month of Notes-member, but it will be more than motivational quotes. For the last week of December, I’ll be putting the information for that out there. Be sure to keep up with the PICS page.

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What’s December Really Looking Like?

Hey Sweeties,

It’s December 1st, and it’s time to get the ball rolling. There are so many things going on this month. We have The Cookie Club, the Makers Creative Collab with P.M. Artist Studio, giveaways, and the upcoming Ephemera Swap for January. Let’s break this down in order.

The Cookie Club

The Cookie Club’s theme is The 12 Days of Christmas. For those participating, I’ll be videoing each cookie design. I may use stencils, my projector, and I may even freehand it; who knows. Either way, it goes; something is going on the cookie. I’m going to keep it sweet and simple. There may be a bit of artsy stuff going on there, but it’ll still be fun.

You have until December 20th to sign up and get your box. Be sure to check the pinned Cookie Club post at the top of the main blog page to sign up.

The Makers Creative Collab

If you haven’t been keeping up with it over the last three months, you have no idea what you’re missing. In the Makers group and on YouTube, creatives are showing their stuff. So, without giving too much away, I’ll be making another cookie! Yay! Just like the cornucopia, this is something I never made before. Mixing baking and crafting is fun and challenging when combining the two and creating something entirely edible.

Holiday Giveaway

Shannon from Hot Mess Crafting on Facebook is having a giveaway. I’ll be one of the small businesses giving away a prize to her one winner or one of her winners (don’t quote me in the number of winners. lol).

The Ephemera Swap

I’m hosting a swap in January where those participating will make ephemera and swap with a partner. There is no minimum amount of pieces to be made. Partners can discuss that. Be sure to check out the PICS page for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the contact form on the Support page.

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions about the events above, visit the Support page and fill out the contact form. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Makers Creative Collab: Stuffed Stuff

Hey Sweeties,

Today is the day for the Makers Creative Collab hosted by P. M. Artist Studio. This is the third collab I participated in. The first two being a simple project using specific items and the Spooky Scrolls.

This project was almost an inedible project that I would do at my desk, but some time last week, I decided to whip out the baking skills and go cookie.

I felt it would be best to make a cornucopia. I never done it, didn’t know how I was going to do it, or if it was going to work. I just did it. I started off with making two boxes, but decided against it.

100% edible. All cookies, icing, and food coloring. My kids are going to enjoy this one.

Here’s the playlist for the collab: Makers of Mixed Media Art/Artist #makerscreativecollab