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Stencils & Cookies

Hey Sweeties,

I have cookies to share with y’all! I did a little painting and stenciling. I used stencils from some of my favorite artists. P.M. Artist Studio.

I didn’t record these. This was a happy place moment. No pressure, no editing, just art and love. The smell of icing and shortbread cookies is a pleasant one.

If you’d like to see some cookie decorating using the same technique, check out the video below.

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Bakers & Crafters: The Cookie Club

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Hey Y’all,

The Cookie Club is something I’ve wanted to create for quite some time. As all of you know, I am a cake and cookie decorator, which means I sell these customized items along with other sweets. I know there are people out there that want to get into cake decorating or even cookie decorating. Why not start here? With each cookie kit, you’ll have access to a video or be sent a picture for the cookie kit you receive. With this, you can duplicate the cookie or create something of your own.

What to Expect

You’ll have access to these types of tutorials when they become available, which will show you how to do the following:

  • How to make royal icing
  • How to a simple make buttercream
  • Icing consistencies
  • How to flood a cookie and different ways to flood a cookie
  • Painting on cookies
  • Using a projector for cookies
  • Transferring images to cookies
  • Piping on cookies
  • Stamping on cookies
  • Stenciling on cookies

In addition, the cookie kits will include the following:

  • 6 cookies (this is a monthly kit, the cookies will change monthly)
  • Access to the royal icing recipe and/or video instruction
  • A picture and/or link to a video tutorial for that cookie and the basic how-to videos

Subscribe to get access

Read more of this content when you subscribe today.

Check out the PICS page for more information on The Cookie Club. No matter when you sign up, you’ll always have this post to revisit and get directly to the PICS page for updated information.