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That Commissioned Piece That I Talked About…

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How to Draw: Lettering Basics

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Learn the basics of lettering. Get a feel for drawing words and names in this introductory course.

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WBCM PICS Page One-Word Prompts

Hey Sweeties,

I decided to take some inspiration from my own page. I decided to do the One-Word Prompt. I did all the words.

It wasn’t about putting a meaning to all the words as I do in The Word Book. It was more a make these words go with the month, the colors, and with something that’s celebrated this time of year. This time Mardi Gras fell in March, and it’s where I got the inspiration for my prompts, and this is how I got here.

Visit the PICS Page to get your inspiration. Its updated monthly.

The stencils and alcohol sprays can be found in my shop.

If you’d like to see how I made these, click here.

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Notes-vember Day 27

Hey Sweeties,

It’s day 27! It’s chilly and a little rainy today. That didn’t change or make any unwanted moods. I felt good and I always feel good when working on a cake or cookies. This is something I love doing. I’m in my happy place when in the kitchen.

From not knowing a thing about cake decorating or holding a piping bag, I went from a grocery store bakery to my own business. There are people I thank every time I touch a bag of flour or sugar. Without them, I may have gone down another path with different hobbies. Who knows?


Hobbies have this way of allowing you to hold on to your sense of identity and your sense of self, even as you age.

Elizabeth Segran


As you sit back, take a deep breath, and relax, think about the hobby or hobbies you have. How long have you had these hobbies? Which one identifies you the most? Which do you enjoy the most?