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Maker’s Creative Collab Beach Journal

Hey Sweeties,

I joined the hop again with P. M. Artist studio and a bunch of other makers for the month of September and the Striking Sticks. This was so fun and I was happy to be back. It was like the idea to use sticks as a spine was there and waiting. If you remember the August project I did for Mrs. Sonya of Artsy Solutions and Multimedia Crafts Digital, I used sticks. I tried to make a raft, but my sticks were too small and it did good as driftwood.

As you can see, both projects are beach themed, but this one was a little more scary than the August project. Have you ever done something once and tell yourself you can’t do it again? This was one of those moments. I was so scared. I did it though and I’m so proud of myself. Would you believe that I painted another beach scene after this?

For this project I used jute twine, Himalayan pink salt, texture paste, gesso, paints, cheesecloth, coffee dyed paper, one of my digitals called My Desk Travel Journal, and my Bakers & Crafters sprays. I do have a flip-thrpugh video and a four part process video series. If you’d like to watch those, I’ll post the videos below.

Journal at the Beach Flip-Through | Thelisha’s Journals #makerscreativecollab 

Journal at the Beach | Process Video No. 1 | Thelisha’s Journals #makerscreativecollab 

Journal at the Beach | Process Video No. 2 | Thelisha’s Journals #makerscreativecollab 

Journal at the Beach | Process Video No. 3 | Thelisha’s Journals #makerscreativecollab 

Journal at the Beach | Process Video No. 4 | Thelisha’s Journals #makerscreativecollab 

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Monthly Blog Challenge @Artsy Solutions: Beach Theme | Thelisha’s Crafts

From the Early Access Patreon Post:

Hey Sweeties,

This is one of those moments where I think about Mrs. Sonya’s blog challenge all month, come up with 100 different ideas and take a piece from each one. As much as I don’t like waiting until the end of the month, I find that I put out the best stuff at that time.

So here we are with a beach theme. If you check out Mrs. Sonya’s blog on WordPress at Multimedia Crafts Digital, you can find the list for the entire year. I am so proud of myself because I’m still going strong.


With anxiety and all the stuff that’s been going on for the last 3 or so years, I learned a lot of lessons. This and my previous two posts really put it out there. I’m not one for getting personal with the world, but I only put it out there because I know I’m not the only one.

Before I get too deep, the quote will tell it all.

Free your ocean of plastic and embrace the driftwood.


I’m gonna leave y’all with that and the videos. Love y’all! ❤️

Part 1
Part 2