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Earn up to 1 Cookie Crumb.

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Product Features:

  • Raffle type games
  • Prizes for winners

How to Play:

  • Bingo:
    • Purchase as many tickets as you like within the 3-day buying period.
    • Subscribe to/Follow our blog by email or when creating an account. If you need assistance with signing up, contact us and we’ll get you signed up. You can also keep up with our blog from our Facebook page, The Sweets by Thelisha, or craft group, Where Baking and Crafting Meet.
    • Keep an eye out for the blog post(s) with the random set of numbers to fill up your cards. Blog posts will be put up throughout the week with a new set of numbers until the end of the drawing.
    • At the end of the drawing period, double-check your cards and post a picture of the winning cards on the blog post for winning tickets.

Game FAQs:

  • How will you know if I won?
    • The cards will be attached to the player’s name in a log. We will then compare the card and the numbers to confirm the winner.
  • Can someone cheat?
    • No. If someone does find a way to cheat, we’ll likely discontinue the game and create a new strategy, and/or ban the player from playing in future Game Club games.
  • How long will one game last?
    • One week.
  • How often will the numbers be posted to the blog?
    • Daily, up until the final day of the drawing.
  • How long do I have to buy tickets before ticket buying closes?
    • You’ll have three days to purchase tickets. Once the buying window closes, you’ll need to wait until the next game to purchase.

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