Studio 71 Dual-Tipped Alcohol Markers (Variety)


If alcohol markers are your thing, Studio 71 is the way to go. Color how you want, when you want with dual tips. Chisel tip for wider coloring and a brush tip for adding details. Check product description for product availability.

Sold By: The Sweets
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Product Features:

  • Dual Tipped (Brush Tip and Chisel Tip)
  • Vibrant colors
  • Triangle Shaped for easy grip
  • Packs and singles available

Item is sold in singles. If you’d like a bundle, please contact us and we’ll customize and order for you.

ATTENTION SWEETIES: Please refer to the photos for the corresponding colors. When selecting a color for your order, only the color number will appear when making a selection. The product availability is also stated next to the color and color number. If you mistakenly order an out-of-stock item, you’ll be refunded immediately to the form of payment used.

As of 7/28/20, we’ll be adding OOS to the list item.


List of Colors:

  • N1 Blender (out of stock)
  • N10 Black
  • C3 Cool Gray 5
  • C7 Cool Gray 7
  • C9 Cool Gray 9
  • N2 Neutral Gray 2
  • N3 Neutral Gray 3
  • N5 Neutral Gray 5
  • N6 Neutral Gray 6
  • N8 Neutral Gray 8
  • W6 Warm Gray 6
  • W7 Warm Gray 7
  • E2 Sand
  • E14 Pearl
  • Y3 Cocoa
  • Y7 Lemon
  • Y9 Golden Sun
  • Y11 Canary
  • Y12 Yellow
  • YR14 Orange Peel
  • YR15 Tangerine
  • E6 Hazelnut
  • E10 Mocha
  • E11 Carmel
  • E16 Light Beige
  • E17 Praline
  • E18 Coffee
  • YR3 Beige
  • YR5 Light Peach
  • YR14 Powder
  • BG3 Spearmint Green
  • BG4 Sprout
  • BG5 Dark Teal
  • BG7 Mantis Green
  • BG8 Green
  • BG10 Lagoon Blue
  • BG12 Clover
  • BG13 Sea Foam
  • BG14 Mint
  • BG15 Teal Green
  • BG16 Aquamarine
  • YG2 Apple Green
  • YG7 Sage
  • B1 Pastel Blue
  • B2 Ice Blue
  • B4 Denim
  • B8 Oxford Blue
  • B9 Sapphire Blue
  • B13 Cool Aqua
  • B14 Gulf Blue
  • B15 Lapis
  • B16 Bluebird
  • B17 Nautical Blue
  • V5 Lavendar
  • V13 Royal Purple
  • V14 Concord Grape
  • E15 Pale Pink
  • R2 Blush
  • R3 Peony
  • R4 Azalea
  • R6 Coral Reef
  • R9 Magenta
  • R11 Red Rose
  • R12 Poppy Red is
  • R16 Candy Apple
  • R17 Carnation
  • R18 Crimson
  • R19 Garnet
  • R20 Ruby Red
  • R21 Sangria


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