Dipped Pretzels


Need a quick snack or something to take to a party! Try our pretzel sticks. Candy coated, chocolate coated, or even wrapped in caramel and coated in chocolate. Don’t forget the sprinkles!



The pretzels sticks are coated in the colors of The Sweets (pink, purple, light blue, white) or colored for the season/holiday. If you would like specific colors, visit the contact us page and let us know. Please include your order number.

Pretzels are sold and wrapped by the dozen in food-safe cellophane bags. Individual wrapping (IW) will incur an additional charge.


  • Butter
  • Marshmallows
  • Food coloring
  • Chocolate coated candy

For dipped pretzels, orders must be placed in advance for you to receive them on time.

  • Place your order no less than 7 days before needing them. This applies to small and medium orders.
  • Larger orders need to be placed no less than 14 days before needing them.

We will not be held responsible for your order not arriving on time if the steps above aren’t taken.


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