Decorated Cookies


Sold By: The Sweets by Thelisha


Product Information:

  • Sold in singles and by the dozen.
  • Sold and by the difficulty/time of the artwork.

If you’re unsure how to categorize your order, fill out the contact form below. If you have photos to send, you can email us directly at or contact us via Facebook from our business page. We’ll assist you with your order.

This information was provided by Sweet Sugarbelle to give you an idea of how to categorize your cookies. Our prices and descriptions vary from hers, but this helps.

Things to consider when pricing cookies:

  1. With piping and/or painting, the price will depend on how much time goes into making colors.
  2. Hand cut, making, or special ordering cutters for orders.
  3. Level of detail for the image printed, drawn, or stenciled on the cookies.
  4. Cookie size

Factors that determine prices:

  • Basic: 1-2 colors (piping or painting) and consistencies of icing, no hand cutting, and minimal piping. Simple painting or airbrushing.
  • Detailed: 4-6 colors (piping or painting) and consistencies of icing, no hand cutting. Simple painting or airbrushing. Stenciling.
  • Elaborate: 7 or more colors (piping or painting), icing consistencies. may or may not be hand cut, several piped or painted details

Additional information


3-inch Basic, 4-inch Basic, 5-inch Basic, 6-inch Basic, 3-inch Detailed, 4-inch Detailed, 5-inch Detailed, 6-inch Detailed, 3-inch Elaborate, 4-inch Elaborate, 5-inch Elaborate, 6-inch Elaborate, 1-inch Dozen Basic, 2-inch Dozen Basic, 3-inch Dozen Basic, 4-inch Dozen Basic, 5-inch Dozen Basic, Size Mix Basic, 2-inch Dozen Detailed, 3-inch Dozen Detailed, 4-inch Dozen Detailed, 5-inch Dozen Detailed, Size Mix Detailed, 2-inch Dozen Elaborate, 3-inch Dozen Elaborate, 4-inch Dozen Elaborate, 5-inch Dozen Elaborate, Size Mix Elaborate


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