Our Products & Shipping FAQ’s

Our Products & Shipping FAQ’s


The purpose of this policy is to prepare the customer for placing an order and receiving it on time. Planning is everything when it comes to getting products out to you and we want to keep it that way.


If you made it to this page, that means you have a question or two about our products and/or how shipping works. If this page doesn’t answer any of the questions you have, fill out the form on the About Us & Contact Us page.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: At this time, no.


Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

A: That depends on the item and how much of it is ordered. Since everything is baked or made to order, this may change the amount of time it takes to process your order. For example, 1 dozen chocolate or candy-coated pretzels will have a shorter processing time than 1 dozen of decorated cookies. More time-consuming projects will have even longer processing times so we recommend placing your order the number of days specified on the product page. All items will have the recommended time in advance for order placement.


Q: Are all items available to ship?

A: No, not all items are available to ship. We have items that are only available locally.


Q: What happens if I place an order outside of the recommended “time in advance” specified on the product page?

A: If your order doesn’t arrive on time, we are not responsible for the late arrival. We trust that you will be honest about this and respect the processing time that comes with putting your order together. If there is a delay on our end, we will notify you and upgrade the shipping at no cost. This “time in advance” doesn’t mean we will hold your order for this amount of time before shipping it out. We want to have a comfortable time cushion between preparing and shipping out your order. This also gives you a chance to contact us to make edits for your order.


Q: What if I don’t need the items by a specific date and just want to place an order?

A: If you don’t need your items by a specific date, it doesn’t matter when you place the order. This doesn’t mean that you will get your items two weeks later. For your sake and ours and factoring all the things that could happen during the shipping process (lost, stolen, damaged, bad weather, or other unexpected delays). All food items are made to order and have a longer processing time.


Q: How long do I have to make edits to my order?

A: For items such as transfers and other decorative items, you have 2 hours from the time your order was placed, to make edits.

For items that must be ordered in advanced (food items, small, medium, large orders), you have 24 hours to make edits.

Edits must be requested by email. You may contact us by filling out the form on the About Us & Contact Us page.


Q: Do I use the same form for Handmade by Thelisha’s customized item orders?

A: Yes. For any questions regarding our products, sales, availability, and any other support.

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