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Want to know what’s going on with The Sweets? Check here often!

-Availability Announcement (applies to food orders only)

To keep you up-to-date on our availability, we will be posting a calendar and keeping it updated weekly. This may require an appointment. We will let you know when you request a date and time for an order.

-Retail Department

Our Retail Department will have more items geared toward crafters and DIYers. Those that love to craft, decorate for their own events, and more! We don’t have the widest variety at the moment but don’t hesitate to contact us with product request.

Check out or Handmade by Thelisha line. Stock is limited. Be sure to get yours before its too late. We will be adding more items over time. To mention a few items:

  • Albums
  • Bookmarks
  • Altered tags
  • Greeting cards

-Monthly Coupon Subscription, Sales, and Promotional Codes

With the monthly coupon subscription long gone and the monthly promotional codes and sales in play, keep an eye on what we have here. Don’t miss out!


  • SALES!
  • Account login
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders

-Did You Know?

Receipt Surveys=Money off your future orders

Every time you fill out the survey on your Square receipt, you can receive $1 to $5.

*This applies to orders paid through Square Invoice. No doubling coupons.


Want to know what sales are going on at The Sweets? Check here often!


There are no promo codes for the month of June.


Upcoming promo code for the month of July RWB2019. The promo code is valid for all items online! We’ll leave the details a surprise. Check here again on June 30 when we reveal the details!


There are currently no sales. There isn’t one far away. Keep checking here for future announcements.

 Before placing your order:

  1. Read our food order policy.
  2. Check the calendar to see if there are slots available.
  3. Order within business hours or request to set up an appointment. You may contact us through our social media pages, by phone, text, or email.
  4. This applies to local orders only.


  • Slots may be open, but you must place your order in the time requested before pickup for this slot to be available for you. (Ex. June 8 time slot order must be placed on or before June 5 and paid for by June 5.)
  • We no longer accept short-notice orders. All requests will be denied.
  • Availability is subject to change due to business needs and the calendar will be updated as needed.
  • Pickup times must be kept. If order isn’t picked up on time, arrangements will have to be made. If arrangement isn’t made and a refund is requested, only a partial refund is issued.

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