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News, Events, & Deals

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Do you bake or craft? Do you sometimes combine the two and come up with the wildest creations? Want to share with other creative minds? Join us on Facebook at “Where Baking and Crafting Meet”!

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Baker’s & Crafter’s Updates

New Things Happening

With the website makeover done and The Paper Club launched, things are moving at a steady pace. As time passes, more clubs will show themselves and tutorials will also make an appearance.

  • Here to stay:
    • The Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook group.
    • Swaps, challenges, and we’re bringing back giveaways.
  • Moving to the site:
    • Discounts are now included in memberships (free shipping, shopping discounts, etc.).
    • The announcement of swaps, challenges and giveways. This will still be shared in the group, but available to a wider audience.

Food Ordering

Please check our Food Order Policies, FAQs about shipping, and Returns Policies for basic questions. You can find these pages in the Support drop-down menu.

On the Way!! New Items

New stock is on the way. We will be carrying Nuvo Drops, a new line of alcohol markers, and oil pastels. Our Ranger Stickles stock is always going fast. We have more of that on the way as well.

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  • 30-Day Option $15
  • 6-Month Option $65
  • 1-Year Option $100
  • Discounted Digitals
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