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The Employee, The Past, and The Future…Part 2

I know I left part one with a juicy ending, but before I fully explain the juiciness, I’m going back to how things went after my boss spoke with them. The mood was positive; the workers of the department saw the change and were willing to give them another...

A New Hobby……Addiction

A little bit of nonsense before I get to the point: I know a lot of my blog post have absolutely nothing to do with sweets or any kind of food. That is because I didn’t start out with a food blog…. I also don’t plan making it one and here’s...

Don’t Pass the Blame….

The world is filled with things we don’t want to see, hear, or want to happen. What we fail to understand is the fact that we’re the problem. Everyone is quick to say that they won’t stop doing something until another group stops doing it. Or...

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