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Become a Vendor!

We’re now taking applications for crafters, artists, bakers, and those who supply the community with tools and materials. If you want to destash, sell your handmade items, or provide the creative community with something they need.

The decision process takes 3 to 5 business days.

There is a flat 15% fee on sales, NO monthly plans, and NO relisting fees.

How it Works

  • Read the seller agreement and policies.
  • On this page. “Register”, using the information related to your business (Username and password).
  • You’ll have the view of a regular shopper account. Add your first and last name. This is needed to give you access to the vendor portal.
  • Fill out the “Contact Us” form. Include your store email address, the store name, first and last name, and the statement, “I am registering for a vendor’s account.”
  • Complete the Seller/Vendor Contract (this link will be emailed to you).
  • Get your account decision in 3-5 days.

Note: There is an issue with the “Vendor Logo” button on the Store Settings page. We are working to get this issue resolved. This does not stop you from being able to add products, edit your profile, etc. If you have any questions or if you’d like the instructions for our workaround, fill out the Contact Us form on the My Account page or send us an email at support@neatsuites.me.If you decide to email support versus filling out the Contact Us form, please include your first and last name, store name, and the email associated with the seller account. Be sure to email us from the email associated with your business account or you may not receive a response. Also, your account must be approved before any requests are made.