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Let’s Build Our Stash with Scrap Drawing | Thelisha’s Stash Builds

Hey Sweeties,

I released a video this morning about drawing on scraps. We use our scraps to do all kinds of things. We chop them up, make clusters and embellishments, stamp and fussy cuts, and collage with them. Are there times you find yourself cutting your scraps into smaller scraps? You’re like, “I’m trying to get rid of the scraps and now I’m making more!?!”

I used to have a full process for my scraps. I would get my smallest dies and punches (when I finally got punches), and do all this punching to find one of two things:

  • I didn’t make it past two big pieces of scraps
  • It got old really fast

I have so many scraps, it makes no sense, but the most fun thing I can do with them, and I wish I had done it a long time ago, is draw on them. I’m going to make a habit of this. It’s going to be one of my regular stash-building videos. If you’d like to draw along with me, get out a scrap and doodle something.

When drawing on your scraps, be as random, big, or small as you like. The challenge is to get the entire piece full. No cutting into smaller pieces, not putting it back from getting bored. Have fun!

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One Stamp, One Journaling Card | Crafty Individuals | Thelisha’s Stash Builds

This was created using a Crafty Individuals Stamp CI-210

Hey Sweeties,

Here’s another simple project for everyone. One stamp, one journaling cad. For this project, I used a Crafty Individuals stamp and some scraps. I did a little coffee dying (not on camera), stamping, a pinch of watercoloring, and paper burning. I want so bad to make this a series. We’ll see! Enjoy the video posted below!

One stamp, one journaling card
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NEW!! Sweet Stuff Digital Product Demo: Butterfly Embellishment | Thelisha’s Stash Builds

Hey Sweeties,

This project here turned out to be a beauty. What was supposed to be a butterfly journal ended up being a simple layered butterfly. I used a simple butterfly from the Cricut Design Space. I duplicated, resized and used the offset option to get the different layers. The black area is the offset and the patterned part is the reshaped butterfly. I made two of these, but you’ll have to check out the video to see the other one. Enjoy!

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Using Your Unused Papers to Make an Ephemera Journal | Thelisha’s Stash Builds

Hey Sweeties,

This is a bit of a late post, but Ive been working so hard lately on keeping the content coming. Over the next few posts, I’m going to be looking back on what I’ve created since posting my April Projects post.

In the three videos posted below, I’ll be showing you how I made an ephemera journal from paper I’ve had sitting in my stash for quite some time. The journal is a 6 in by 9 inch journal, full or pockets and tucks, and photo inserts. The paper I used for the foundation and decoration are from Colorbok. I don’t want to tell too much here. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Part one of the video includes the base of the journal.
Part two includes covering the journal.
Part three includes the finishing touches and add-ons.
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Making Clusters w/Scraps Challenge

Hey Sweeties,

Two weeks or so ago, Mrs. Pham of Livie’s Lovelies by Pham made a video about a challenge with some quick ephemera. The challenge was to make a card and send one back to her and make another to send to a friend. I won the kit and took on the challenge. Even though I’m not big on making greeting cards, I still thought it’d be fun to do it….it was and I did it. I made her a card as I was supposed to, but while I was making that card, I added a twist. I’ll be sending her the card, but I’ll also be sending her the goodies I made in the video with some pieces for her to make her own. She can take on the challenge and keep passing it along or she can keep the supplies for herself.

How Did I Pick What To Do?

I know Mrs. Pham likes my layered projects. So what better way to bless her with some layered goodies and some stuff to build her own.

I’ve been on this scraps crafting lately. I haven’t been shopping for anything but tools, and I hardly do that. I have so many paper packs and store-bought stuff that I want to use and/or get rid of. I find it more fun to use scraps. I went as far as thinking about chopping all the paper up so I can use it that way. Paper scraps are fun.

How to Participate in the Challenge

The rules for this project are similar to Mrs. Pham’s. You can participate if you’d like. Share with others, share with me, and I’ll share with you.

The rules are as follows:

  • Have fun
  • Make something easy and small (a greeting card, tag, cluster, embellishment, etc.)
  • Build a kit and send it to a friend

The only requirement with this challenge is if you request a package from me, and I send something to you, you must participate in the first round at least. The first round consists of sending something you made with items in the kit and returning one to me and sending the other to a friend. If you want to carry the challenge on, build a kit and send it. If you want to stop after the first round, just send the item you made with no kit.

If you have any questions about the challenge, comment below.

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WBCM PICS Page One-Word Prompts

Hey Sweeties,

I decided to take some inspiration from my own page. I decided to do the One-Word Prompt. I did all the words.

It wasn’t about putting a meaning to all the words as I do in The Word Book. It was more a make these words go with the month, the colors, and with something that’s celebrated this time of year. This time Mardi Gras fell in March, and it’s where I got the inspiration for my prompts, and this is how I got here.

Visit the PICS Page to get your inspiration. Its updated monthly.

The stencils and alcohol sprays can be found in my shop.

If you’d like to see how I made these, click here.