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Scrapbook Layout

I’m starting a series of videos making scrapbook layouts. It more of a challenge than anything.

I have a vase with colors written on small pieces of paper. My daughter then comes to pick three colors. Whatever she picks, I have to make a layout. There are some bonus tickets in there with things like “pick another color and “pick a fourth color”.

Craft along with me. Send me your layouts and I’ll give you’ll make the gallery on my website social media.

Happy Crafting!

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Flowers on a Stick

Hey Sweeties!

I made some flowers on a stick using a candy corn shape. They make really nice petals. Using any patterned paper, stamps or colors.

The supplies below can be found in the Retail section of my store:

Visit my YouTube channel to see how these were made.

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New Item Release Coming Soon

Hey Sweeties!

We have a new item to be released. There is no release date at the moment, but I’ll give you a hint…. it’s a sticker and ephemera set with a watercolor look. Keep your eyes peeled because there will also be a site wide sale on that day.

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New Ephemera

I have a new item in my store called With Love: Stain Me Ephemera

This product is handmade and hand cut. So if you love the true touch of another artist or crafty person, check out my store to get yours today.

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Play The Hand You’re Dealt

Don’t wish your failing life on someone else because he or she received something that didn’t work for you and turns it into success.

It wasn’t meant for you. Play your new hand.