I Brainstorm Instead Of Procrastinating


When I have a lot to do or when I’m in the middle of doing something, I stop the think. I normally do this when involved in something that in have no interest in or when I don’t want to start an uninteresting task right away.

Some call it avoidance and some call it the procrastination. I use my time wisely. I think off subject about something more enjoyable that I would rather be doing. I come up with new ideas, what to cook for dinner, or what I want to do with the kids later. I make note of it and get back to the uninteresting task.

What does off subject brainstorming do for me? It reminds me that if it stand there any longer, I won’t get to the things I would rather be doing. Self motivation




Own Your Pain


No one can heal you, but you. Accept it for what it is to heal yourself emotionally and mentally.

Physical pain is a job of the mind. To heal yourself physically but still live through the pain, be the same fighter you were before the pain. Remain active in as many ways possible.

  • You can’t think it through to stop it, you can only understand it and work with it
  • You have to know the risks. There is no medication that will stop it permanently. What may calm the symptoms for one pain may bring pain in other places. Know how it will affect you
  • You have to accept it and┬ámake accommodations
  • You have to know your limitations and accept them

Can Beggars Be Choosers?


Unsatisfied people beg to be pleased but never open themselves up to the feeling the pleasure. We all have a right to feel the way we want, but we don’t have a right to do it at someone else’s expense.

  • What is “being pleased” to a person that is never satisfied?
  • Does it mean anything to them?
  • Should they say it if they don’t feel it or mean it?
  • Are they pleased and scared to admit it?

How can one beg for satisfaction when he or she has no standard of what’s great quality or pleasing to them?

  • Not only does it make it hard for the unsatisfied to be happy, but it makes them a hard person to get along with.
  • Labeled ungrateful and selfish
  • Strains relationships
  • Affects those around them

How fair is it for someone to repeatedly put in time and effort to make someone feel good and he or she is unaccepting?

  • Discourages the party or parties making an effort

If you’re not pleased with everything presented to you, take a look in the mirror, you’re the problem. You can’t make yourself happy and you choose to blame everyone else.

Beggars cannot be choosers if they don’t even know what they want.

There Is Meaning In Both


When it can’t be rehearsed, it’s timed perfectly, and it’s just as much a surprise to the chuckler as it is the chucklee, the reaction of both individuals is genuine. A relationship has started.

When the tone is off, it is forced. Untimely happening and body language that doesn’t support positivity. The chuckler’s intentions are questioned and the chucklee is left uncertain.

Fried Thelisha


Cooking is not all about food, it can be about how you put yourself together before hitting the table or buffet line. Every day, someone is looking at how well you present yourself self in the same way they do when their food is served in a restaurant. Buffet line or served at the table, presentation matters.

Think of the buffet line as you presenting yourself, your business, or the company you work for. It’s easier for people to pass you up when there are other appealing choices.

Think of table service as grabbing the attention of someone walking in your business for the first time or going to an interview. You will be given feedback and rejected, given no feedback and never contacted/visited again, or accepted.

This may seem out of place to some, this may be offensive to some, and some may be tickled by it. Sometimes we put more time into other things than we do ourselves. Write your recipe, tweak it, and make it your best seller. I don’t believe that the first impression is the last impression, but I believe it is lasting.

To the close-minded:

  1. The first impression is the only impression.
  2. You will always be a rookie. You will never be able to work with such an individual because he or she will remind you of your “rookie” self and not recognize you for your “grown” self.
  3. You make one mistake, you’re prone to making mistakes. Every mistake you make will highlight them for discovering it and taking place in the correcting. They will gladly rub it in your face.

To the open-minded:

  1. Your first impression is only the beginning and improvements are accepted.
  2. Everyone starts somewhere. You have potential.
  3. Make a mistake, own it, find a solution, find a way to stop it from happening again.

How well do you season and fry?

Fried Thelisha

Prep time: 10 minutes

Marinate: 5-25 minutes

Fry time: however long it takes

  • 206 pounds of Thelisha
  • Warm water (as hot as you can stand, but is still comfortable)
  • Oral care products and tools
  • Bath tub or shower
  • Towel
  • Bath sponge or cloth
  • Bubble bath (optional)
  • Body wash or soap
  • Electric razor (optional)
  • Shampoo/Conditioner (optional)
  • Moisturizer
  • Hair grooming products & tools
  • Clothing and accessories to fit the day’s activities
  • Fragrance and deodorant
  • 2 Well-balanced meals, for garnishing
  • Breaks as needed
  • Light snacks, for garnishing

For Marinade:

Use oral care products and tools as needed. Run water in tub or shower. If using a tub, add bubble bath.

Place Thelisha in tub or shower. Open pores by relaxing in tub for 15 minutes (5 minutes standing in running water if using a shower and wet hair).

Apply shampoo/conditioner to hair, massage, and let sit. Apply body wash or soap to sponge or cloth, and wash. Rinse.

If using razor, follow directions in manual to use. Rinse.

To Fry:

Pat dry, moisturize, apply deodorant and fragrances. Add clothing, accessories, and then groom hair to taste.

Apply well-balanced meal and serve.

Yield: 8 to 12 hours of productivity.

Note: for best results and to retain quality, keep product fed throughout the day, apply breaks after extended use, remove from conflicting and stressful situations to regroup and come up with a solution.

Would We Survive Without Lies or Guilt?


To free yourself from a web of lies, tell the truth.

To free yourself from the pain of the truth, prevent the consequences of the lie by not lying at all.

To free yourself from guilt, accept the penalty when facing those you’ve done wrong.

If you don’t want more punishment than what life brings, don’t participate in any of the above.


No one walks a straight line and lessons are to be learned.

Some of us abuse the use of lying, cheating, and wrongdoing. Instead of unraveling, we get tangled into an almost impossible knot. The knot is almost impossible because you understand what you’ve done only after you lose your freedom.

Our paths are raveled to be unraveled. Don’t take the easy way out by making a habit of hurting others. Participate in positive pain? Yes, there is a such thing as positive pain. Some of us just don’t know it. More things to unravel….



You need skills that can’t be measured. The things that can’t be measured are needed most to be successful.

Like the thought of an undiscovered species, things that can’t be measured are the most interesting.

Probability can be measured through experiments and studies.

An interview does not measure what I can do. My resume does no justice in measuring/proving who I am or where I’ve been. Allow me to perform these unmeasureable skills before you judge my inability to do anything.

I am the good one that got away like many others. Can you measure that?