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It’s beyond the mirror


It’s okay to listen to what people say about you, but it doesn’t mean much when you know yourself better than anyone else. Become a tourist of your own world. Look at things you’ve accomplished, look back at your mistakes and how you’ve redeemed yourself. Explore you. All expenses paid. All you need to do is take the time.

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Hiding or protecting


When I think fence, I also think wall. Both stop things from coming in or going out without complete control or force. The only difference, is you can’t see through a wall. For those that say you can’t see through privacy fences, yes you can. There is always a crack and you can always stand on a ladder.

I’ve heard this a lot too, “It all depends, are you trying keep someone out or keep someone in.”

I can see this working for or against someone.

A person putting up a fence is someone protecting themself while keeping an eye on whats going on around them and has complete control of who walks in and who walks out. You can control the risks you take.

A person putting up a wall is doing just that. No one can get in an no one can get out. You’re hiding your beauty, talents, and skills. You are also limiting yourself and avoiding risks.

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My children


Sandwiches remind me of my five children and how different they are. Or should I say my children remind me of sandwiches. There is never a dull moment. It’s like going into a restaurant and the food changes everyday.

  1. My oldest daughter: a Reuben sandwich
  2. My oldest son: a four cheese, grilled cheese sandwich with onions
  3. My middle son: a French Toast sandwich stuffed with cheese, bacon, and topped with maple syrup
  4. My youngest son: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with sliced bananas
  5. My youngest daughter: a club sandwich with the finest cuts of meat and toasted bread