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Beach Scene Digital Kit

Hey Sweeties,

How many beach scenes have I painted since August? If you can answer that, I’ll give you a MYSTERY SHEET for FREE!

But anyway, here’s the ‘plain’ version of the Beach Scene Digital kit that will be posted on the website tonight! The kit comes with three sheets, all containing the beach scene: the plain, the script, and the script/postcards.

How did this come about?

After a long morning of cleaning a furbaby duty, I rested my soul for a few hours before the kids got home, in a blanket, and started drawing…well more like scratching the digital page.

If I haven’t mentioned this before, I use one of three programs Sketchbook Pro, Concepts, or Artrage Lite. The pen set I used was the Creamy Pastels.

I wasn’t sure if it was going to come out right, but I love it. I’m getting better with this digital thing. I’m slowly moving away from the lettering-only phase.

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Happy Mail From a Crafty Friend

Hey Sweeties,

We all get happy mail right?…Well, those of us that craft and exchange happy mail with others. Anyway. I was on my way to making something with the happy mail sent by a crafty friend and got stuck at the envelopes. I started recording by showing the happy mail and then moved on to the next part.

I was planning on using the envelopes to make a base like a masterboard. I was going to back it to make it stronger, then cut it up. Instead of backing it first and then using my gel press, I decided to use the plate first. And why did I do that. After covering it a little, I started rubbing paint in the blank spots. Its started looking like a waterfall and I said to myself, I can’t cut that. LOL. So I turned it over and painted the other side. Now, I have a two-sided envelope picture that’s hanging on my wall, that I can flip when I want to. Yeah. I look at it as I type this.

But it was fun soothing. This is the third beach scene I mentioned in a previous post. Not much thought went into this one though. It was just there. Some say it looks like the sky, I think it could pass for both. I do like how it turned out though. This painting thing is growing on me.

If you’d like to see the video, check out the link below.

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Fall Canvas Painting

Hey Sweeties,

This is my first actual canvas painting. I’ve done a project on canvas before, but not like this. This is another project with prompts picked by my daughter. This was hard and upsetting. If you’d like to see the process video, check out the link below.

The prompt for this was St. Patricks, canvas, gray, and use a digital.

Canvas Art Acrylic Painting: Autumn Leaves | Thelisha Sketches & Colors

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Sunflowers & Leaves Clusters

Hey Sweeties,

Here are my clusters for WBCM Sunflowers are Sunflower & Leaves are Leaves (I had to cut out some of the words because it view my post as promoting. I can’t say the R word, the G word or the S word).

I’ll talk about this a little, by saying that I can believe I completed this in one day and shipped them the next. I was so ready for this project that I worked on it the day before it had to leave my house. I love how they turned out and I want to make some more. I have plenty of leftover leaves that I don’t want to go to waste. I may have to make some other colored flowers.

For this project I used leaves, coffee dyed papers, dryer sheets, my alcohol sprays, acrylic paints, texture paste, and outdoor mod podge. The outdoor mod podge has a real shine to it. It made the leaves feel like plastic.

If you’d like to see the video and get more information on how making these went down, check out the link below.

Sunflowers & Leaves Clusters for WBCM Fall 2022 Swap | Thelisha’s Crafts #autumn 

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The Travel Journal

Hey Sweeties,

Here is a travel journal that was cooked up from prompts picked by my daughter. She sure knows how to pick them. There are two videos out there for this journal and there I explain how this came about. The colors she picked were green and gold. The craft type was travel journal.

What better way to create a journal!! I love using green and gold in crafts. The first thing I thought about were my trips to Germany and maps. I used a map stamp that was gifted to me, one of the Bo Bunny stamps, packing paper, a ceral box, and some texture paste. The journal is complete. I thought about decorating it this week, but I’m not big on journal decorating. I really need to learn how.

How to Make a Traveler’s Journal | Let’s Make the Cover | Thelisha’s Journals 

How to Make a Traveler’s Journal | Let’s Make the Signature & Assemble | Thelisha’s Journals