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About Us

We’ve loved every minute of our journey…It wasn’t always easy, but we’re here…
Here at The Sweets, everything that walks out of our doors is made from scratch. From the cakes to the cookies, everything is carefully baked to perfection. Baked and handled with love that is.

My name is Thelisha Thomas and this all started as a dream. From wanting to open a restaurant to not knowing how to pipe a letter on a cake. I started from home, practicing on my counter top. I always knew how to bake, but I never knew how to decorate. I had a manager to thank for putting me up to this challenge. He told me if I learned how to write on a cake, then he would let me decorate. I took it to the next level and decided I wanted to make a business out of it. With the support of my two best friends, neighbors, and former co-workers, I made my dream a reality.

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NeatSuites was created for individuals to express themselves as well as get and give “undiluted” information or advice, creativity, and connect with others.

When we say “undiluted,” we mean there should be no filter placed on someone’s professional personality and creativity. His or her thoughts and knowledge are pure (neat) and this is the place (suite) to show that.

Here, anything goes. Food, life, work, whatever needs to be addressed!

Business hours

  • M-T 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Fri-Su 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Closed business days will appear on Google

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the sweets’ customer support

  • Email: thelishathomas@neatusites.me
  • Text: 337-221-4555

You can also message us from our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.
For more information, please visit our Policies page to read our Food Order Policy

If you are contacting us about an order, please provide the order number along with questions and details.

If you are contacting us for more information, you may leave the Order Number field blank.

Please allow two business days for response.


We no longer accept after hours ordering. If your order is placed after business hours or on a day the business is closed, we will begin processing the order on the next business day.