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I Started a Design Team

Hey Sweeties,

In the “What Does 2023 Bring?” post, I mentioned starting a design team. Well yes, I did. I’ve always wanted to join a design team, but they were a little too much for me. I would get excited when I saw one but was completely turned off after reading some of the requirements.

One day, I learned my lesson when I applied for one and the host (that’s what I’m gonna call them) questioned how I would use the product. I’m more of a cake and cookie decorator than a crafter, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use this particular item with food. The host wasn’t going for it. They weren’t open to the possibility of winning over a few decorators out there. Now, my Instagram has food and crafts, but they told me that they didn’t see anything on my page that drew them toward having me on the team. I explained my purpose for applying and how I would use them (food and crafts), but by the time I finished typing that out. I ended it with, nevermind and have a great day. I didn’t want to go any further at that point. I and other cake and cookie decorators have used this type of product to decorate and I did see why I couldn’t bring them to this designer. By the way, the product was really nice.


This year, I’ll be putting out four new digital kits. One for each season. We’re already gearing up for Spring. I’m never one for keeping up with the seasons as far as putting out product, but now it’s time for a change and so far I’m getting good with it.

How did I come about starting this team?

I really don’t know. I was sitting at my desk making the digital for Spring. I was like, “I’m gonna have something in my store for Spring this year and it’s gonna be early.” After spending a few hours on colors, elements, and pages, something said, “start a design team.” When it comes to certain things, I go against my gut feeling and beat myself up about it later. Not this time though. I asked two creators (the first creator lead me to the other creator. lol) and they were cool with it. I want to tell you so badly who these creators are, but I think I’ll leave that as a surprise. Be sure to keep up with me on this here, and on all of my social media. As we get closer to the release date, if not on the release date, I’ll announce who the creators are and where you can find them.

If you are a crafter, planner, journalist, or any person that can create something with a digital download and you’re interested in joining the team within the next 6 months to 1 year, let me know. I’ll let you know now that the requirements that get you on other design teams won’t ring the same here. I’ll make that information available in the future when I come to the decision about adding other members.

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