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What Does 2023 Bring?

Hey Sweeties,

Since my last post, “2022-2023?“, I talked about how things were changing for the new year. Since that last post, more has gone on. I haven’t made my first video of the year, yet. Last year and the year before that, I would’ve beaten myself up about it. Now, I’m in such a different space that it doesn’t phase me one bit. That’s a good thing!

This no-plan year is a be-prepared year because something is coming. I have a video clip or two to share and will be posting it soon. Probably after this post. LOL.

I also got my first commission involving art. Y’all know I like lettering. The first time I was ever commissioned for something was years ago. One of my dummy cakes appeared in a wedding magazine. I took the cake for a photo shoot and let them keep it. Where was I gonna put it? I wish I still had the photos. At that time, I used Vistaprint for my email and everything. I was so frustrated with them, I forgot to download everything the lady sent me about the magazine. I was so hurt, but it’s okay, the memory is still there. As a matter of fact, the cake is on my Instagram from way back. So if you want to look, have at it.

Anyway, back to this piece. I worked on what I think some would call a concept drawing for like 5 hours. But instead of drawing it all over again, I will be saving this image to my projector so I can blow it up and redo it in a fraction of the time. I also have to do it twice because it’s to be used as a double-sided thing, ya know. Do you know what makes me feel good about that? Is the fact that it didn’t take me 15 different drafts, no complaints from the customer or anything. They loved it the minute they saw it. I guess that 5 hours paid off huh? I will also share this in an upcoming post. I wanted to record it, but the process was too long and of course, there was life in between.

Oh yeah, oh yeah! One more thing. I am starting or should I say, started a design team. An actual design team. I’m starting this one very small and will likely look around for more creators in the next 6 months to a year. This is something else I will be talking about in another post.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am okay, still as busy as a bee. I love y’all and if you feel the need to say something or wanna know what’s going on, just send me a message, email me, join my Facebook group to talk, or leave a comment here or randomly on one of my videos.

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