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Sunflowers & Leaves Clusters

Hey Sweeties,

Here are my clusters for WBCM Sunflowers are Sunflower & Leaves are Leaves (I had to cut out some of the words because it view my post as promoting. I can’t say the R word, the G word or the S word).

I’ll talk about this a little, by saying that I can believe I completed this in one day and shipped them the next. I was so ready for this project that I worked on it the day before it had to leave my house. I love how they turned out and I want to make some more. I have plenty of leftover leaves that I don’t want to go to waste. I may have to make some other colored flowers.

For this project I used leaves, coffee dyed papers, dryer sheets, my alcohol sprays, acrylic paints, texture paste, and outdoor mod podge. The outdoor mod podge has a real shine to it. It made the leaves feel like plastic.

If you’d like to see the video and get more information on how making these went down, check out the link below.

Sunflowers & Leaves Clusters for WBCM Fall 2022 Swap | Thelisha’s Crafts #autumn 

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