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The Travel Journal

Hey Sweeties,

Here is a travel journal that was cooked up from prompts picked by my daughter. She sure knows how to pick them. There are two videos out there for this journal and there I explain how this came about. The colors she picked were green and gold. The craft type was travel journal.

What better way to create a journal!! I love using green and gold in crafts. The first thing I thought about were my trips to Germany and maps. I used a map stamp that was gifted to me, one of the Bo Bunny stamps, packing paper, a ceral box, and some texture paste. The journal is complete. I thought about decorating it this week, but I’m not big on journal decorating. I really need to learn how.

How to Make a Traveler’s Journal | Let’s Make the Cover | Thelisha’s Journals 

How to Make a Traveler’s Journal | Let’s Make the Signature & Assemble | Thelisha’s Journals 

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