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Let’s Build Our Stash with Scrap Drawing | Thelisha’s Stash Builds

Hey Sweeties,

I released a video this morning about drawing on scraps. We use our scraps to do all kinds of things. We chop them up, make clusters and embellishments, stamp and fussy cuts, and collage with them. Are there times you find yourself cutting your scraps into smaller scraps? You’re like, “I’m trying to get rid of the scraps and now I’m making more!?!”

I used to have a full process for my scraps. I would get my smallest dies and punches (when I finally got punches), and do all this punching to find one of two things:

  • I didn’t make it past two big pieces of scraps
  • It got old really fast

I have so many scraps, it makes no sense, but the most fun thing I can do with them, and I wish I had done it a long time ago, is draw on them. I’m going to make a habit of this. It’s going to be one of my regular stash-building videos. If you’d like to draw along with me, get out a scrap and doodle something.

When drawing on your scraps, be as random, big, or small as you like. The challenge is to get the entire piece full. No cutting into smaller pieces, not putting it back from getting bored. Have fun!

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