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Becoming Better, Creatively: Where Baking & Crafting Meet

Hey Sweeties,

It’s week four of the 5 Things to Help You Become Better, Creatively.

You’re in the right place if you’ve read the posts from the first three weeks. If you haven’t, here are the links:

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Where Do Your Loves Meet

For me, baking and crafting are like a marriage. Baking and crating make the perfect marriage. When you bring two things together that work well, you can turn them into anything you want. So make a marriage out of those talents and embrace them.

My story starts where you wouldn’t catch me doing any decorating, sewing, or paper-related. Yet, I can do all of them. I wouldn’t say I like decorating or sewing, but if I need to get down to it, I can; aside from that, baking and crafting became one for me. I look for inspiration in non-food items and put out a food version of it and vice versa.

Please take what you’ve learned or taught yourself from the first three posts and put it together. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Where do you see this going?
  • Can you make something of it?
  • Do you love it?
  • How does it make you feel?

There’s something I read last week on my business feed. The statement pretty much said to say something good about yourself. That can be hard if you don’t take the time to give yourself credit for anything. So after answering those questions above, I want you to stop and tell yourself something good. Tell you how proud you are of yourself. Remind yourself that this is something you love.

Whether you read this today, tomorrow, or one month down the line, it’s still the same. Leave a comment about yourself below. Let me know how you feel about what you’re doing. You’re in the right mind space if you can announce why you’re doing something and be happy with how it sounds. How proud of YOU are YOU?

Join me next week for the next topic, All-Around Crafting. Subscribe to the blog if this is your first time. Keep up with what I post here and be sure to check my YouTube channel to see how I use my creativity in different ways.

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