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More Changes to Come

Hey Sweeties,

There are a few things I want to talk about…Well maybe just one thing. Back in July, I thought about doing this, but I decided to give it to the end of the year before making my final decision. The decision is made and I’ll be moving things around. Nothing will be changing with my blog, social media accounts, or YouTube other than more activity.

Lets get to the point

After the Ephemera Swap in January, I’ll be changing the settings for the Where Baking & Crafting Meet Facebook group posting. There will be no member posts. You will only be able to respond to events or other admin posts.

It will become an information page for those that still want to know whats going on, don’t follow the blog, and have been long time group members. I thought about closing the group completely, but I wanted to be fair. What I will say is, since the group is going on the back burner, the updates there may be a little slow or almost non-existent. My main focus is going to be here on the blog, the NED and PICS pages, and business social media. If you’d like to see that post, check the footer at the bottom of the page with the social media updates.

What do these changes mean?

Nothing really. I feel the blog and other outlets I use are better for what I’m doing and plan to do. Nothing is going to stop. You will see more postings from me in stories and all that good stuff. More baking, more crafting, maybe even stuff you didn’t think you’d see me do. We’ll see!

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