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Notes-vember Day 29

Hey Sweeties,

If you received an email or notification last night that day 29 was posted, I apologize. I was prepping my template while talking to my daughter and mistakenly hit publish instead of saving it. But anyway…

It’s day 29! It’s Monday, we’re back at work, and the kids are in school. I know the day just started, and some may not be at work right now, but how is the workday going for those at work? How is the day going for those preparing for work later today?

My kids were ready to go to school this morning, but I know the stories are going to knock me down when they get home. It’s either going to be a perfect day, or something like a soggy breakfast is going to be the headline news.


Love is the bridge between you and everything.



As you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, think about how you treated your co-workers, customers, people on the commute to work, the barista, or the cashier. Were you feeling the love today or not? Was the coffee your ordered cold? Was your breakfast order messed up?

Whatever your issues were with the morning, don’t let it make your day. Instead, keep spreading the thankful attitude, and you’ll make someone’s day. They’ll pay it forward, and it will keep passing on.

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