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Notes-vember Day 23

Hey Sweeties,

It’s day 23! Earlier today, I went live on YouTube and decided to do an art journal page. I had difficulties with the stream, but I didn’t let it stop me. This was my final layout for the Autumn. I always watched people work in their art journals; I talked about how much I wanted to start one, I finally made one, and it took me forever to start using it finally. I never used it because I didn’t know what to use it for. Yeah, I named it The Word Book, but I didn’t have any words I wanted to use.

The first page had nothing to do with a word; I just did it. It had meaning, but not the purpose I wanted. It took a collab and a storm to get me where I wanted to be with the book. I found that journaling is relaxing, no matter what type of journaling you’re doing. So if you have a creative side or like to write creatively about your day or a trip, do it.


The designers mindset starts with curiosity.

Bill Burnett


As you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, think about the creative ways you can release your stress or put your thoughts down. Do you consider yourself creative in any way, shape, or form? Even if you think you want to try something, try it. Don’t hold yourself back.

My Art Journal

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