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Notes-vember Day 17

Day 17 is here, and it’s almost time for my kids to get out for their Thanksgiving break. Their last day is Friday, and they’re out all next week. No school until the 29th. This is going to be something else. I still have to work, and the hubs still has to work, but I’m sure the kids will love not getting up in the morning.

What’s your Thanksgiving holiday looking like? Are you going shopping? Are you visiting family or cooking at home? Do you have visitors?

Me and the hubs are from two different places and grew up eating two different types of food for Thanksgiving. We’ve been together for 11 years, and for 10 of those years, we argued and laughed about what we were eating. This is the first year where we aren’t swapping who’s cooking or bickering about the food. Instead, we’re cooking together and making things from both (what was traditional for us growing up) sides.


We don’t want to make choices based on fear. We want to make choices based on growth, based on opportunities, based on progress.

Michelle Poler


I would typically have something to say after the quote, but not today. So as you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, think about what comes to your mind after reading the quote and my story. Has Notes-vember put you in a more comfortable place to finish out your post? What does my mini-story tell you?

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