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Notes-vember Day 13

Hey Sweeties,

It’s Day 13 and a little nippy outside. Other than that, it’s a nice day. I hope everyone started the day on a positive note and will continue the day on that same note. If your day didn’t begin as positive as you expected, turn that around and make the best of it.

We’re nearly halfway through the month, and I hope Notes-vember is helping make brighter days, better situations, better answers, better relationships, and so forth. A little motivation goes a long way, and so does a little reflection. If you reflect, you understand the lesson. No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to start over and take one step at a time.


It is easy to believe we are each wave and forget we are also the ocean.

Jon J. Muth
  • Remember that one thing doesn’t make you who you are.
  • You are what you do and much more.


When you sit, take a deep breath and relax, think about what makes you who you are. List these things and think about how proud you are or what you may want to improve. Either way, it goes, use it to the best of your ability from a different you.

  • How do you feel about the person you’ve become?
  • How many talents have you uncovered?
  • How many things do you feel you need to improve?

You are the ocean; the waves are the things that come from you.

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