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Notes-vember Day 11

Hey Sweeties,

It’s Day 11 and rainy. I like when it rains, except when I have to drive in it. I hope everyone’s day started on a positive note and hope the day pushes forward that way—no matter what type of weather you’re facing. If your day didn’t start on the best note, don’t let it get you down, and don’t let the weather change your mood either.

Today, I started the day by making something for my mom. Not realizing today was Veterans Day, it was right on time. So when I got the kids off to school, I didn’t think about fixing myself something to eat or heading to my desk; I went straight to making something for her. She happened to call while I was making it and mentioned the Veterans Day breakfast the schools would typically have. She always participated in school activities, but COVID changed that. She’s high risk. So even if they did have it, I wouldn’t let her go. In my eyes, it’s too risky.


It took me a while to realize my gift. I am my gift.

Yvonne Orji

We walk through life wondering where we should be or what we should be doing. We ask questions and try new things. Everything isn’t going to work in our favor, and everything isn’t going to be for us. Of all the things you try, choose the things you love and enjoy doing, not what someone else wants you to do.

No one else knows what’s best for you except you. Some will think and even say that you’re never going to make it anywhere doing what you’re doing, but that’s their opinion. You don’t need their support or people like them. Keep that type of energy away from you. There are others out there interested in the things you’re interested in. Find like-minded people to show what you have.

  • Do what you love and enjoy it.
  • Find people to vibe and grow with. They’ll give you that extra push.
  • Clean house…in other words…if whoever in your current circle has something to say, they can love it or leave it.

I am an individual of many talents. I’ve been able to link one thing to the other all across the board. Why? Because I didn’t limit myself to one thing. I’ve had people leave me or tell me that I think I’m better than them just because I accomplished something. I’ve had people undercut me when I started to do something that was bound to work. I’ve had people steal from me and step on my toes–Lie just to throw a wrench in my plans.

Even with all these obstacles, I never stopped being me or doing what I had to do. I never stopped pushing. Yeah, I had moments where I saw what was happening, and it upset me, BUT I never stopped being me and doing what I do. People come, people go. Doors open and doors close.


As you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, think about how much of a gift you are to yourself (and others). You’re somebody; you just have to live it and express it. Some may not recognize your talents or may not think you have a talent at all, but some will, and they’ll appreciate it.

I tell my kids to remove themselves from the situation when they’re around someone or something that can put them in a bad space. You don’t have the power to move someone else, but you can remove yourself. It’s easier to walk away when you have that feeling than to stick around and be somewhere you don’t want to be or in trouble that you didn’t have to be in. The same thing goes for getting yourself where you need to go. Put yourself in a better place and do something you love.

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