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Notes-vember Day 9

Hey Sweeties,

Today is Day 9 of Notes-vember, and while there was no live yesterday or make-up live for today, I’m still here to post and work with you on getting through another day. I hope your day started on a positive note. If your day didn’t start the way you wanted it to start, make the best of it.

Today I baked cookies for a project I’m working on this month. So, I was in the moment and didn’t let anything get me out of my happy place. But, yes, I had to call the school today to get something straightened out and, in turn, had to go to the school because my son wasn’t feeling well.

Life Story

When I was in my most stressed moments for the last few years, I would dread going to or calling the school because there was always something going on. It had gotten to a point where I would wake up and wonder what was going to happen or what story the children would come home with that would have me flying off the rails. When talking to the staff to try and understand what was going, (I understood them) it seemed they didn’t feel where I was coming from or what I was trying to say.

I said that to say this–and without going into deeper detail, I no longer let that get to me. My husband and Mom helped me get through that. I started letting go of things that upset me and started handling things differently. No, I’m not perfect, but I work through it every day. Sometimes I stumble, but I make sure I get back up. I take a little time to myself, but I don’t dwell on issues as much as I used to. Every day, I see my improvements, and I praise myself for it. Its nothing wrong with congratulating yourself on your minor victories.


An untroubled mind, no longer seeking to consider what is right and what is wrong, a mind beyond judgements, watches and understands.

  • When something comes across your path, handle it in the most positive way possible. If it upsets you, allow yourself to be upset for a quick moment to get passed your feelings. Remind yourself that its okay to get upset, be sad, and be joyful. Emotions are emotions for a reason. Good or bad, don’t let them cloud your judgement or change your focus.
  • Its not always good to focus on who is right/wrong or what is right/wrong. Right or wrong, it happened that way and we need to work passed it. Take it as a lesson.
  • While not losing our focus or spending countless hours trying to determine what/who was right or wrong. Allow yourself to understand, be mindful of your actions, and let it go.


  • Have you every been so upset or sad that it just tore you down and you formatted your memory tasks like an SD card? Have you ever been so excited and happy about something that you lost focus and caused issue?
  • Have you ever thought back on how you handled a situation and wish you had handled it differently?
  • Have you ever found yourself so defensive and reacting before thinking? Is this a natural reaction for you?

As you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax to reflect on your day, think about how you handle yourself. Do you feel you manage things more positively or more negatively? Do you think before you react? Some believe that they should give others the “same energy” that others are giving them. That’s not always the case. There is a time and place for that.

Before you’re quick to judge, think about what someone else is going through or what may have just happened to them. Did they get bad news? Did they stub their toe? Did they lose something valuable? You may say, why should I care or why should I take the time to think about that? WHY? Have you ever had a moment where you were so upset, and someone came in to say something that added more pressure or upset you more? I’m sure you have. Did you find yourself saying, “They don’t know what I’m going through…” You expected that person to know that there was something wrong or that something was bothering you. You’d be amazed at how quickly you can answer those questions. Did they get bad news? etc. All you have to do is look at their face or body language before speaking. If you’re on the phone, take in their tone. There are ways we can get a clue about how someone may be feeling. If you’re unsure, it’s still best to approach the situation on a peaceful and positive note. I’m not saying don’t be stern or hold your ground. What I’m saying is to THINK. Reacting without thinking can do more harm than good.

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