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Notes-vember Day 7

Hey Sweeties,

Here is Day 7! We’re finishing the first week of Notes-vember. I hope everyone is well-rested and is off to a good start. Even if your day didn’t start as you expected, you’re going to make it through. So, get yourself in a positive light and push on.

Before we get into the motivation and reflection, how was the first week of Notes-vember? Do you want to carry on for the rest of the month, or are you not feeling it? Do you feel like you’ve given it enough of a chance before discontinuing the journey?

Whatever your answers are to those questions, answer them with all honesty, and don’t leave yourself in a position where you wish you had stopped or continued. Be clear with yourself and give valid reasons for your decisions.

Notes-vember is something new, but finding things out there such as devotionals and other daily motivational activities aren’t new. Not everyone participates in these things either. Not everyone feels the need,, and for some, it’s a must. Sometimes we need to listen to something regularly to get things going. Whatever it is that gets your day going and keeps you positive; I encourage you to do it.


I always believe that in order to be great in something, we have to be in the moment.

Ta’u Pupu’a
  • Do what works for you and make sure you’re comfortable with it.
  • Allow yourself to accept it and completely commit to it.
  • Don’t think starting something new is something you can’t handle. Give it a chance.


As you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax, you can reflect on your day. Think about the new things you’ve started recently and how they affect your life.

  • List the things you’ve started. What do you actually keep up with? Which ones seem to be a waste of your time? Which ones benefit you the most? How do you feel after completing your session?
  • Which ones are you fully commited to?
  • How do you feel about starting something new? Do you consider it an incovenience or are you ready to give it a chance before you throw it to the side?

We try something new every day without thinking twice about it. Some require a long-term commitment and some don’t. We tend to gravitate toward the things that don’t take much thought because we get so caught up in what we have going on. We don’t want to add to our day or our workload, but who says it has to be an addition to a workload or some dreaded task. It can be something fun, relaxing, or something that changes the monotony of our every day routine.

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