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Notes-vember Day 5

Hey Sweeties,

Here we are! Day 5 and almost through the first week of Notes-vember. I hope everyone’s day is started on a positive note and will continue on a positive note. Even if your day didn’t start as good as you wanted it to, still make the best of it. Don’t let that one thing bring you down.

Last night, I got almost no sleep. Honestly, I slept for nearly 4 hours. When I looked at the sleep monitor on my phone this morning, and it says I slept for 3 hours and 50 minutes, the first thing I thought to myself was, “I’m gonna be a miserable soul today.” I got out of bed so many times last night, I couldn’t sleep, but I was comfortable. Instead of keeping the thought on my mind that I would be a miserable soul, I did something I don’t do regularly. I mean, like, rarely. I got on the treadmill and started walking. To be here and typing this now; I feel pretty good to say I got such little sleep.

I said that to say this–; I didn’t let one thing I knew I needed to get me down. I will do what I have to do throughout the day and take my time doing it. That’s like the speed bump I mentioned yesterday. I need to slow down. I also said something about the use of time. I will make the best of my day, get what I can get done, and do what I need to do.


We need to stop focusing on setting perfectionistic goals

Michelle Segar
  • There are only 24 hours in a day and we are only one person. There is only so much we can do with this time and one-person team we’re on most of the time. Yes, we have spouses, family members, children, and friends that can help, but that doesn’t change the things that us as an individual need to get done. Don’t pack a bunch of stuff on your to-do list for one day because you’re going be upset at the day’s end when you realize you didn’t finish everything. List by priority and due dates.
  • Set realistic goals. This is something being taught in school, but to understand how setting a realstic goal makes it easier to accomplish makes a difference. Don’t set unrealistic goals, you’ll only set yourself back. Setting goals will allow you to focus on one of many steps it takes to complete that goal at a time. Give yourself time to get it done.
  • Stop thinking you have to be perfect in someone else’s eyes. In that moment you connect eyes awkwardly and turn away, you two may be thinking the same thing. How can I impress that person? What do I need to do to be favorable in that person’s eyes? Instead of asking those questions, impress YOURSELF first and be favorable in YOUR own eyes. Only YOU can make YOU happy in the end. When someone else makes you laugh or smile, its only an addition to the happiness you’re already feeling. Think of it has you playing one of those running games or racing games. You’re already moving fast, you just need a boost to get a better place in the race. You’re already happy, but a little laughter or a smile is the extra boost. Similar to the “greener” grass mentioned in yesterday’s post, it’s not always greener, and if it is, it has to be maintained in the same way yours does.


  • Yesterday, I asked you to think about how you used your time throughout the day. Today, how do you feel about how much time is in a day? Do you prioritize your goals? How do you prioritize your tasks?
  • Do you have goals set for yourself right now? If so, write them down exactly as you speak them out or have them written elsewhere. How do those goals sound once you read them out loud? Is your goal geared toward accomplishing one thing? Can you see your progress as you work toward completion? Can you complete the goal? Does it make sense? Are you giving yourself enough time to get it done?
  • Do you feel you have to impress someone or many people? Do you build your day around keeping a certain image that tires you out at the end of the day? Do you feel your grass has to be as green as the person or persons you’re trying to impress?

When you sit down, take a deep breath, and relax. Reflect on your day. Remind yourself that all grass isn’t always green. Everyone’s grass goes through seasons in the same way the grass growing from the earth does. Look outside and check out the grass as the weather changes. You’ll see.

We all have goals, things we want to improve, and things we want to get done daily, but stressing yourself about it will only hold you back. No, we can’t altogether avoid stress, but we can lessen it. We can let go of the things that we shouldn’t worry about or can’t control. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen whether we like it or not. It’s better to be prepared for it than to fear it. When I say prepare, I don’t mope, and “what-if” yourself or completely shut your world down. I want you to tell yourself that it’s going to be okay, and you’re going to make it through.

In the same way, misery loves company, so does success. Anything that something negative likes, the positive likes it just as well. The only difference is, you feel better about it when you’re handling it in a positive way versus a negative way.

Here’s an additional quote for you from me:

Those in misery gather to bring those close to them down, while those eager to succeed and see success in others team up and grow.

Thelisha Thomas

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