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October = Inktober

Hey Y’all!

Since I’ve been digging more into my artistic side lately and combining it with crafting and baking, I’ve been thinking about participating in the Inktober Challenges.

Lately, I’ve been using my Gelli Press, acrylic paints, stenciling more. Just yesterday, I stenciled gears and turned one of the gears into a sunflower. I know this makes no sense now, but it will in a bit. Yesterday, Judith from Artiscoveries visited one of my blog posts and left a like (thank you Judith). I then started reading some of her posts and stumbled upon the “We All Make Mistakes” post. This is a good read! I won’t reveal anything here. Stop by and take a peek.


I then read another post of her’s talking about Inktober and how she wouldn’t be participating this year (sad face). After reading this, I visited the Inktober website. They have year round challenge and one for the month of October. Like I said before, I may be participating next month just to see what I can ink up. If you’d like to participate and share your pictures. Join me on Facebook at Where Baking & Crafting Meet and I’ll share your pictures here on the blog.

Don’t forget to check out the Inktober page and Judith’s blog!

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