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August Planning

Hey Y’all,

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Today, a video went out for the August Monthly Spread. Unfortunately, school is starting next month, so that calendar hasn’t been filled with very much as of now. However, it’s been filled slightly, with birthdays and a few things I plan to do.

I’ve also been making some changes to the channel. There is a new set of playlists, a new trailer, and new channel art.

Live Streams

There will still be live streams on Wednesdays, but the time for those is still up in the air. I’m still aiming for the day hours, and I have some fun stuff I would like to do with y’all. Stay tuned for that. If you want an idea of what I have going on, Check out the video and join us on Facebook at Where Baking & Crafting Meet.

…oh, and there may be some Friday Night Lives too…

Blog Activity & Challenges

The Blog Activity will still run as planned for the entire month. A monthly challenge will accompany it. The monthly challenge will run through the entire month as well. I know I normally ask that you post your pictures in the blog post’s comments, but it appears my photo comments are no longer working. With that being said, you can submit your photos to me by email, and at the end of the month, I’ll create a blog post showing all the creations for that particular activity. You can leave your name and a brief description. If you choose to be anonymous, please let me know in the email, and I’ll post as so.


Collabs, collabs, collabs! The Queens have something in mind with a new member! It’s a bit of a challenge with a bit of “this is what you can do with this” type. So be on the lookout for that. Just know, this is something we want creatives from all over and of different backgrounds to take part in this. Still working out some kinks.

The Paper Club

I think it’s fair to give a little more information on the upcoming paper club. If you read my last post, you know that this one will be a different ball game. The theme is August Peach, and as I said before, there will be a stamp set and there will be a full pack of paper. Along with that, there will be stickers, ephemera, and some ribbon.

Update: I just got word that the stamp set won’t be available until October…upset, but this box will still be launched, whether its in August or October.

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