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Creativity Block

What is a Creative Block?

When some of us have a block, we instantly think that we’ve lost our mojo and can no longer create. We allow it to put us in a deeper funk and upset ourselves about it. We should never feel that way because none of that is true. It just means we drank all the water out of the cup and it’s time to get more. When we first start something, we always have tons of ideas at that time and we feel like we can’t get it out fast enough. As time goes on, we slowly start to wind down and then hit a wall.

Let’s see what we can do to work through all those unmotivating moments.

Think About It

Think about all the things you would like to create. Write them down. Draw it out. Some will stay good ideas and some will just be words on the paper until another time.

Choose Images

Pick images that you’d like to work with or images that put your thoughts into focus.

Touch Everything in Your Stash

If you keep it organized, you can touch it all. Pick stuff out. In this way, you won’t find something later that would’ve fit with the project perfectly.

Pick and Choose

Start narrowing everything down, starting with your thoughts, the images, and then the stash picks. Draw out the final plan.

Work on It

Take all of what you put together and create a project or a few. There many times I came up with more than one project while putting together just one.

Unfinished Projects

Some of our projects will end up being unfinished. We may get tired of them or have a busy schedule. Whatever it is, it’s okay to have a box, folder, or bin of unfinished projects. Just don’t make a habit of it or you’ll likely have more incomplete projects than complete projects.

Things that also work

  • Show your children, nieces, nephews a some items and ask them what would they make out of it. Have them go on until they can’t say anymore. You don’t have to make what they say, but it will get things going.
  • Think about the person that always gets you talking and call them.

How do you get past your block?

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