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August Paper Club Box

Hey Y’all!

I have something cooking up for next month’s paper club. I know there wasn’t a box for June and there wasn’t a preorder sale for the July box, but I found that creating boxes on the fly makes them that much better and fun to use.

So, let’s talk about the August box. The August box is going to include an entire paper pack…YES, AN ENTIRE PAPER PACK!!! This will of course change the price of the box, but who wouldn’t love to get an entire pack of paper over a few sheets of each color? There will still be the other goodies in there, such as ribbon, ephemera, bling, etc. BUT, those things vary. Some boxes will include them and some won’t.

I’m currently working on the paper for this kit, and the kit may launch in the middle of August. Just because there’s a middle-of-the-month launch, doesn’t mean the boxes won’t be available in September or December. I’ll be keeping the themed boxes in stock based on the demand for them.

What does working on the paper kit for this month mean?

That means, there will likely be a new pack of paper every month with a new combination of colors (unless the idea for another month matches a previously launched paper pack). When there are previous paper packs used in new months, you’ll have the option to get the box with or without that pack. I’ll also work on making all the items from the box available for single item orders in case you need to reload on specific items.

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