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Bakers & Crafters Alcohol Sprays

Hey Y’all,

We have a new product! Alcohol Sprays! Now, there are a lot of alcohol sprays out there, but you have to get your hands on these. They blend well and the color is so smooth once dried. Even the most speckled spot dries like the paper was dyed that color. Smooth as ice cream!

The sprays stick well to wax papers and glassine, piped paste flowers (that’s just something I do), added to a painter’s pen, and used as an alcohol marker. The possibilities are endless and only limited to our imaginations.

We only carry a few colors at the moment, but we’ll be sure to get some of our favorites in there.

Check out our YouTube channel to see how we used them, just to test it out.

1 thought on “Bakers & Crafters Alcohol Sprays

  1. I’ve tried making my own sprays in the past. I never realized I could purchase them! Mine have clogged up at times, so this might be a good option for me! I will check these out.

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