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Unfinished Project: Envelope Book

Hey Y’all,

I had an unfinished project that I had to finish. Have you ever had that feeling when you keep seeing something? The, “I have to do something with that.” feeling. With this envelope book, I went through stages.

  • I printed out the papers…then waited
  • I scored the paper for envelopes…and waited
  • I put them together and made the belly bands… then waited
  • Stamped, colored, fussy cut…and waited
  • Put the book together and glued the belly bands on…then hit a wall

This is beautiful paper and I felt I couldn’t rush it. I felt I would mess it up. I let it sit in a folder and checked back with no clue.

And here we are

Check out P.M. Artist Studio on YouTube and go to their Etsy Shop. There’s more than just digitals.

Check out the videos here:

Unfinished Project: Envelope Book Part 1

Unfinished Project: Envelope Book Part 2

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  1. So refreshing, like a glass of lemonade. :0)

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