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New to Gelli Plates 1

I’ve only been crafting since 2019. Of course, I was doing something else creative before that, but it was strictly food.

I’m a cake and cookie decorator. I sell sweets for a living. I thought to myself that paper crafting or anything related would never spark anything in my soul…

…and here we are…

Not long after getting into crafting, I heard of something called a gelli plate. It was a video that popped up in my YouTube recommendations. I watched is and thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever…

…that’s the same way I felt about cookie decorating, until I tried it and binged on cookie decorating videos…

I felt I shouldn’t be so ugly about it and decided to give it a try. What I didn’t want to try was the price of a gelli plate. So I made one….and never used it.

There is a pair of artists I follow and really enjoy watching on YouTube, P.M. Artist Studio, who make prints like crazy. I love their techniques, information, and creations. They are the first people to use a gelli plate and make me change my mind.

Click to see the prints I made

Remember, I’m still a beginner. This is one of the prints I made and just stamped with a script stamp. I’m loving it and I don’t want to use it for what I was going to use it for.

If I decide to use the print, I’ll sure come back with a project share post. Until I make that decision, see y’all later!

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