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Where Baking & Crafting Meet Activity #1

Craft Type: Tag
Theme: April Showers & May Flowers
Submission Day: May 30th

What you need to do:

  • Create a tag that represents April Showers bringing May Flowers.
  • Submit a picture of your tag in the comments of this post. Be sure to check out the posts of others and leave a like.

Share with crafty individuals you know, that would like to participate!

8 thoughts on “Where Baking & Crafting Meet Activity #1

  1. Here is my tag, I got this idea and it turned out big lol

    1. Here you go Ms. Lia. And your tag is beautiful

      1. Thank you

      2. You’re welcome

  2. Here’s my tag!!

  3. This is something I’d love to try! Let me pull out my tags and start working….

    1. I love it Thelisha!

      1. Thank you so much

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